Welcome Freshers of 2019!

Congratulations on your results and we hope you will have the most amazing time during Freshers’ Week 2019! It’ll be a week to remember! Remember to go to the college’s welcome pack to get all the admin information you need and submit room preferences, but if you have any questions at all, you can also contact us and we can direct you to the right people! The Head Freps’ email address is; more general enquiries can be sent to

Don’t forget to also follow the SJCR Social Media Pages (links at the bottom of the page!).

Welcome from the Freshers’ Week Coordinators

First of all huge congratulations on your results and making it to Durham! We are Molly and Ellie and we are your Freshers’ Week Coordinators (Head Freps)! This means that we are dedicated to making sure you have a smooth transition to university life and we hope we can provide a brilliant first week of entertainment and information. And, what we can certainly promise you is inviting you into the embracing John’s community.

Molly is a third year studying Liberal Arts and Ellie is a fourth year studying Chemistry. We both play rugby and are both involved in theatre within John’s (Molly is President this year!). Molly is also a member of the Finance Committee and Ellie was a member of the welfare team.

Soon we will introduce you to our Fresher Reps (Freps) who will be around in Induction Week to help you settle into John’s and Durham, as well as our Exec who are involved in the SJCR which organises events, funds societies and offers a wide selection of roles that mean you can get involved in college life.

We are both so excited to meet you all during Induction Week and have lots of great events planned including boat parties, bar crawls, film nights, scavenger hunts and a chance to try out loads of new sports and societies! Our Frep team is currently working hard to give you a brilliant Freshers’ Week and we can’t wait for you to come and join us in John’s. Have a brilliant rest of your summer and see you in September!

Molly & Ellie – Head Freps

Some more helpful info

This year’s theme will be ‘Movies’, so expect themed, activity-filled evenings throughout the week. We will reveal more about all our plans in the weeks leading up to Induction Week!

We are sure that many of you will have a huge number of questions to ask before you arrive (we know we all did!) To help try and answer some of them, you can join our Facebook page. This group will help you to meet the other new undergraduates at John’s and give you ideas as to what to pack for fancy dress in Freshers, as well as all the Freps and members of the SJCR (St John’s Common Room), Exec Committee (which you will also find more about soon!). We are all here to help with the transition to university life so remember that there is no such thing as a silly question.

We will also be publishing a Handbook for new students (online and a printed copy) for your perusal. It will cover topics such as:

  • The huge variety of sports and societies we have on offer
  • Information about your course including contact information for our many subject reps
  • A suggested Kit List for those who aren’t sure what to bring
  • Details of the welfare support available at John’s
  • Introductions to the Fresher Reps and Exec members who you will meet during Induction Week
  • And even a guide to the most important rooms in John’s (to help prevent you getting lost in the maze that is College!)

Once the handbook is ready, it will be accessible here, and we will post about it on the Facebook group (another reason to join!). We hope that many of you will want to get involved in College life as much as possible, be it through sports and societies, through involvement in SJCR meetings or simply by going down to the College Bar in the evenings. John’s has so much to offer!

Finally, there will be some one-off costs for you to prepare to pay after arriving on Freshers’ Sunday:

1) SJCR membership (£135-3 year course/£180-4 year course): this will enable you to take part in College sport, societies and all the great stuff John’s has to offer throughout your University life. Included in first term’s College accommodation invoice for students living in College who have opted in.

2) A gown (can be purchased new for £55 or second-hand for £35)–second-hand gowns will be sold on a first come, first serve basis on Freshers’ Sunday. Gowns are worn for Formals, SJCR meetings and Matriculation. These will only be sold on the Sunday so make sure you bring a form of payment with you.

3) A Freshers’ T-shirt (£15): This covers all your Freshers’ week activities with the exception of club entry throughout the week. Like the gowns, these can only be bought on the Sunday.

4) A Freshers’ Wristband (£5): This covers club entry and can be bought throughout the week.

5) Laundry card (£20 refundable deposit): collected from Reception anytime during Freshers’ week. NB cash only. Deposit will be refunded after card is returned to Reception when you move out of College.

Oh… and just in case you’ve forgotten, Induction Week is Sunday 29th September to Saturday 5th October!

A welcome from the SJCR President: Congratulations on receiving your place at St. John’s!

I’m Joe and I’m the President of the St. John’s Common Room (SJCR), a student run charity which represents the undergraduates, postgraduates and ordinands (those training for church ministry) of St. John’s College. Membership gives you the chance to experience a whole range of opportunities that will likely be central to your time in Durham; whether that be joining a sports team, presenting at a research symposium, performing to large crowds of people with our college theatre company, or one of the many other activities John’s has to offer. We also provide you the space (and funds!) to set up any new sports/societies that you think Johnians will love.

John’s is a great place to be and we’re so excited for you to join us. We might be the second smallest college in Durham but we regularly outperform the biggest colleges when it comes to sports (we currently have the second highest sports points per person!), we have one of the largest music societies in the university, and our boat club competes in prestigious races both in the North East and beyond.

Currently the dedicated Induction Week team and I are preparing for your arrival in Durham! We’re organising fancy-dress nights, sports/societies taster sessions, academic workshops, tea and toast evenings, college families, boat parties and countless other activities. Don’t worry – there will be plenty of time for you to rest, relax and meet those who you will spend the next three (or more) years with. If you have any concerns or queries then please feel free to email me before you get here, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Can’t wait to see you all here!

Joe Pape – SJCR President