Common Room Directory

The Common Room Directory contains all the names and emails of the people who work to improve your experience as part of the SJCR. The Directory is organised into categories, but if you are looking for a specific person, please Control + F and search for the job title of the officer you’re looking for. We are all super friendly and more than willing for you to get in touch with any queries at all.

 SJCR Executive

President: Thomas Jackson

Job: Runs the Common Room (Sabbatical Officer). Member of Tier 1 and Internal Trustee.

Contact: johns.president [at]

Elected at: Epiphany I

Vice President: Emily Martin

Job: Communicates with students and college staff, stands in for the President. Writes the College Panto. Member of Tier 1 and Internal Trustee.

Contact: johns.vp [at]

Elected at: Epiphany II

Vice President (CCR): Elaine Grant

Job: Represents the CCR to the SJCR and vice-versa. Member of Tier 1 and Internal Trustee.

Contact: johns.ccr.vp [at]

Elected at: Epiphany III

Vice President (MCR): Jenny Knox

Job: Represents the MCR to the SJCR and vice-versa. Member of Tier 1 and Internal Trustee.

Contact: johnsmcr.president [at]

Elected: Michaelmas II

Chair: Matthew Tan

Job: Chairs SJCR meetings, executive meetings and welfare representation committee meetings. Provides advice and interpretation of the SJCR Constitution.

Contact: johns.chair [at]

Elected at: Epiphany II

Communications Officer: Will Brown

Job: Writes the SJCR’s weekly newsletter, supervises and maintains the SJCR social media and noticeboards. Sends out college emails and advertises events. In charge of pigeonholes and the website. Minutes all meetings.

Contact: johns.comms [at]

Elected at: Epiphany II

Treasurer: Anna Robinson

Job: Keeps track of finances, accounts, controls expenditure. Creates budgets. Member of Tier 1 and Internal Trustee.

Contact: johns.treasurer [at]

Elected at: Epiphany II

Social Secretary: Hannah Parfitt

Job: Organises social events such as Bailey Ball, John’s Day and Summer Ball. Oversees the Social Events Committee (SEC).

Contact: [at]

Services and estates manager: Ben Dickinson

Job: Oversees vending machines and washing machines. Arranges photographs. Orders stash and gowns.

Contact: [at]

Elected at: Epiphany II

Sports and Societies Officer: Heather Magowan

Job: Organises John’s-Chad’s Day and the Epiphany Awards. Liaises with sports and societies captains.

Contact: johns.sportsoc [at]

Elected at: Epiphany II

Academic Affairs and Student Union Liaison Officer (AASUL): Deiniol Brown

Job: Liaises with the Durham Students’ Union and organises Academic Events within college e.g. Big Talks/Challenge Nights.

Contact: johns.dsu [at]

Elected at: Epiphany II

Senior Bar Officer: Matt Hudson-Lund

Job: Runs the college bar and leads the bar team. Accountable to college.

Contact: johns.collegebar [at]

Non elected

Welfare Officer (Events): Michelle Li

Job: Organises welfare events and campaigns throughout the year to support students and raise awareness around certain issues e.g. Mental Health Awareness Week, ‘Stressless’ events in exam season, Black and LGBTq+ History Month etc.

Contact: johns.welfare [at]

Elected at: Epiphany II

Welfare Officer (Peer Support Team): Annabelle Bulag

Job: Organises the Peer Support Team and Welfare Supplies.

Contact: johns.welfare [at]

Elected at: Epiphany II

Freshers’ Week Coordinator: Hattie Pollard

Job: Organise Freshers’ Week. Helps recruit and manages the Freshers’ Reps.

Contact: johns.freshers [at]

Elected at: Epiphany II

MCR Executive – elected MCR Michaelmas II

The MCR Executive will be elected in October 2021; if you need any contact details in the meantime, please email johns.comms [at]

Non-Executive Officers

A full list of non-executive positions is in the SJCR’s Constitutional Documents, which can be found on the documents page. If you require contact details for any roles, please email johns.comms [at]

Welfare Team

Please refer to the welfare page for a list of welfare officers and further details of what support is available.

Sports and Societies

Please see the sports and societies page, which contains links to social media accounts and email contacts of society Captains / Presidents.