The SJCR stands for the St John’s Common Room. This is includes all students in St John’s College: Undergraduates, Postgraduates and Mature Students (in the MCR) and Cranmer Hall students (in the CCR). For a more in-depth explanation of the SJCR and how it works, see the handbooks in the Documents section below. The Constitution is regularly updated.

The following pages can be accessed so you can learn more about the SJCR and how it operates:

  • Documents – these include Accounts, the Constitutions of all the Common Rooms, SJCR and Committee Meeting Minutes, Forms, Guides, and past copies of ‘This Week’. If you have any queries, please get in touch with the Communications Officer at
  • DSU – information on how the Durham Students’ Union manages our external representation, including links and upcoming meeting dates.
  • Common Room Directory – meet the SJCR Exec and learn what each is responsible for doing, plus an up-to-date list of Non-Executive Officers, along with their job descriptions and how they can be contacted.

What are the benefits of the SJCR?

Effectively a mini students’ union, exclusively for members of St John’s College, the SJCR is run by the students for the students. It is your chance to get involved and direct the student body! You can be as involved as you’d like to be – there is certainly something for you within the SJCR. And if there isn’t quite yet, you have the power to create new societies and policies, and shape the future of the SJCR.

Almost all students join the SJCR due to the huge number of opportunities on offer!

Sports and Societies
With membership to the SJCR, you’ll have full access to all our clubs and societies without paying supplementary fees (excluding the Boat Club which is separate to the SJCR). We welcome novices and experts alike and encourage everyone to get involved.

Our huge number of sports and societies; from CheeseSoc (free cheese!) to Cheerleading means there will likely be something you’ll love, if not, we also offer the opportunity (and funding!) to create new clubs. A full list of what we have on offer is available on the St. John’s College website.

With SJCR membership, you are also insured – so if you sprain your ankle playing football we’ve got you covered!

Within the SJCR we take student welfare seriously. Our SJCR Welfare Team provides a free confidential listening service every evening during term time, mental health awareness campaigns and multiple events to help you ‘Stressless’ during exams.

The Welfare Team also includes LGBTQ+, Disability, Livers Out and Year Abroad Reps (amongst others) who can help with any issues you may have at any stage of your time in John’s.

For a small Common Room, the SJCR hosts a wide range of events Starting with a 10-day Induction Week with entertainment and activities every evening. Our main events of the year include Bailey Ball, John’s Day and a ‘mega- formal’ at least once every term! This past year we’ve also run smaller events including an evening celebrating Chinese New Year and film nights – both including food and drink provided by the SJCR.

The SJCR is run by students for students. The best way to get involved is by coming to our regular SJCR meetings or contacting a member of the exec.

If you have any great ideas (or are unhappy with the way things are being run) then you can question the student officers, run for a position yourself or propose a new idea in the form of a motion.

Meetings are informal and being involved in the SJCR is a great space to get involved with student politics, helping you to develop excellent leadership, communication and teamwork skills.

If you want to plan the next big social event or represent your peers to the wider University then this is the place for you!

Membership of the SJCR enables you to get involved in many sports and societies – you can try sports which you’ve never considered before and join societies no matter what level of experience you’re at. The SJCR is not only a way to see what college has to offer, but a great way to meet people in other years and parts of college.

James Mailey, 3rd Year

This is just a small selection of what’s available within the SJCR – the benefits and opportunities are huge. Our goal is to support all students in whatever they do during their time at John’s; whether this be within a sport or society, organising volunteering opportunities, facilitating career contacts or even providing financial support if necessary.

If you want any more information in the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact!