Elements of an SJCR Meeting

This guide will talk you through the key points of an SJCR Meeting, what you can expect in it, and how you can use them.

Who attends an SJCR Meeting
The short answer: everyone in the SJCR

That means: the chair, the vice-chair, the SJCR Exec, people standing for election, people proposing motions, and members of the SJCR
(including members of MCR & CCR)

What can happen in a JCR Meeting?
SJCR Officers/Exec/Presidential husts
Anyone standing for a position in the SJCR must be presented to the SJCR in a Meeting. For big roles (such as the Exec) the candidate must give a short speech (called a hust) explaining their ability for the job and a vote will be held online. For smaller roles, candidates can be voted in based on a show of hands in the Meeting at the discretion of the Chair.

Motions discussed and passed/rejected
Any change to how the SJCR operates (such as instigating a Fair Trade policy) must be presented at a Meeting as a motion. A “proposer” will speak about the motion and answer any questions. The attendees of the Meeting will then vote on whether to accept the motion.

Questions of the Exec
This is where general concerns and queries can be addressed. Anybody from the SJCR can come and ask a question of the Exec.

How does the Meeting work?
The agenda for the Meeting will be sent out to the SJCR ahead of the Meeting.

Anybody who speaks in the Meeting must be wearing a gown!

There will normally be a break halfway through the Meeting with drinks and snacks.

During the Meeting, the Communications Officer takes minutes recording everything that is said. These are sent out to the SJCR afterwards.