Members Fund

The SJCR Members’ Fund is a hardship fund available to all JCR members, who encounter unexpected financial difficulty.

Applications can be made through the paper form attached below or through an email to the SJCR President, the three Vice-Presidents (SJCR, CCR, or MCR) or the Treasurer.

Who is it for?

The SJCR Member’s Fund exists for all SJCR members (UG, PG or Cranmer Hall) who have entered into financial difficulty as a result of necessary, unexpected expenditure.

How does it work?

All Member’s Fund applications are treated as strictly confidential and bound by the SJCR confidentiality policy within the Tier 1 Executive. Upon receiving an application, the application will be discussed by the President, Vice-Presidents and Treasurer who will then allocate an appropriate amount of money. The money allocated remains entirely at the discretion of the Tier 1 Executive; it may not be possible to allocate all of the money requested.

How do I apply?

Forms may be found outside the SJCR office, in the Cranmer Common Room and in the Postgraduate Centre. These forms should be filled out and passed onto a member of Tier 1. An electronic version of the form may be found in the SJCR Documents section of the SJCR website; this online service is available to members of all three common rooms. You should receive a response to your application within a week, and a sealed cheque for any allocated money within a week after that (unless the application is made during the holiday period).

What can I apply for?

The members fund is able to support SJCR members in handling specific items of expenditure; in the case of general financial need please apply to one of the other hardship funds (see below). You will need to justify on the form why the expenditure is necessary and essential to your development at Durham university (either degree or extra-curricular related). Tickets to social events are not considered “essential” to your development at Durham University, however subsidised payment plans may be available in exceptional circumstances. If you are having trouble paying for a social event, consider setting up a payment plan with the SJCR treasurer. You will also be asked to explain how the expenditure has put you into financial difficulty; we need to know why you can’t really afford to pay the expense yourself.

What if my application is rejected?

Sometimes we may not be able to allocate your application any money. In this case DO NOT PANIC, there are a number of alternative hardship funds available, such as the University Hardship and Access to Learning Funds, or even a College Emergency Cash Loan. For all of these contact the Senior Tutor.