Members Fund

The Members’ Fund is a pot of money set aside in the SJCR budget to help students across Johns with urgent costs that are necessary to allow for their development or welfare.

Applications are confidential – applications will only be considered by the Tier One Executive, whilst information relating to them will only be reviewed by the SJCR Trustee Board and any external accountants or auditors who review the SJCR accounts. Records of applications will be kept in order to inform decisions on future requests.

Applications can be made through the paper form attached below or through an email to the SJCR President, the three Vice-Presidents (SJCR, CCR, or MCR) or the Treasurer.

How do I apply?

  1. Read the guidance below on the sort of things the fund can and can’t cover.
  2. Download a form from the SJCR Website
  3. Return a copy by email or in person to any member of the SJCR Tier One Executive (our names and email addresses can be found below).

Review Process

The Tier One Executive will meet to discuss every application and will consider each one alongside the questions below.

  1. Is the money necessary to allow for the development of the student or to support the welfare of the student?
  2. Is the request to cover specific costs? The fund cannot be used to top up a student’s account without specific costs highlighted.
  3. Would it have been possible for the student to budget for this cost?
  4. Is this request similar to previous requests that have been approved or rejected?
  5. Would approving this request set an unsustainable precedent for the SJCR?


The success of Members’ Fund requests is affected by decisions made on previous requests. Every application sets a precedent as, where possible, the SJCR will always try to treat applications by students in the same position equally.

Previous Tier One meetings have established some precedents for costs cannot be covered by the fund as for the SJCR to cover these would set an unsustainable precedent. If a student wishes to make a request to cover one of these costs they can enquire and will be directed to the appropriate university or college support. These costs include:

  1. Rent payments or deposits for student accommodation – these would be an unsustainable cost for the SJCR to bear, and specific university funding exists to help here
  2. Payments for events – these costs cannot be considered “necessary”, although the SJCR Treasurer can develop payment plans with students to help them attend SJCR Events. We do have the SJCR Ball Fund, which can cover tickets for large SJCR events.
  3. Laptop replacements – these would be an unsustainable cost for the SJCR to bear
  4. Basic living costs – to ensure that SJCR money is not abused the SJCR must keep a record of what the charity’s money gets spent on, so costs must be specific.

Similarly, some precedents have been established as to costs that can be borne by the charity, including those below:

  1. Unexpected travel costs under £50 – where students have learned they need to be somewhere for their welfare or for their development and these costs would put them in financial difficulty, then at least some funds can be contributed by the charity.
  2. Costs relating to items that have been stolen or have broken that students need urgently
  3.  Academic costs that the student could not reasonably have anticipated and that would put the student in financial difficulty – for example students may need specific resources to enable them to complete particular tasks and may not be illegible for other university support.

This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Feel free to submit a request if you are in urgent need of funding for any costs.

The worst that will happen is that we will endeavour to direct you to a more appropriate fund.

Completed forms or any questions should be directed to any member of the Tier One Executive – our email addresses are below.

SJCR President
Anna Robinson
SJCR Treasurer
Ben Dickinson
SJCR Vice-President (Undergraduate)
Libby Wright
SJCR Vice-President (CCR)
Emily McDonald
SJCR Vice-President (MCR)
Izzy Hubbert