Our Trustee Board

Welcome to the St John’s Common Room Trustee Board! The Trustees oversee the governance of the SJCR and meet regularly throughout the year to discuss all manner of issues: finances, welfare, representation and much more.

The SJCR Trustee Board is made up of nine individuals, four of which are external and five of which are internal. Our external trustees are formally appointed via an application basis and are with us for a maximum of two terms of four years. Our internal trustees are four students and a sabbatical president (the five of them make up the body known as the Tier One Executive) – these positions are held for a year.

Internal Trustees

Anna (President)

Hiya everyone I’m Anna the sabbatical president for this year. I’m from Northern Ireland( my key personality trait)and I studied accounting and finance. Last year I was SJCR treasurer and the year before I was sports and Societies Officer and have previously sat on SU Committee. So, a wide variety of different things in college life. The SJCR has become a big part of my life at university and think that everyone should get involved somehow if possible.

I am big into my sports, I play lacrosse and netball for college and used to play rugby before my early retirement due to injury. I also love food so if you need any advice on where to eat in Durham please do ask or just ask me anything about student life.

Libby (Vice-President Undergraduate)

Hi everyone, I’m Libby. I’m a 4th Year French and German student and your current SJCR Vice-President (Undergraduate).  I came to St John’s in 2020 and I have loved my experience in what is undoubtedly the best college in Durham! One of the key things that has made my time here so great was the SJCR, so I’ve loved holding various roles over the years and meeting all the wonderful people in our community.

My role involves representing all John’s undergraduate students to the SJCR, the Exec, the Trustee Board and the College, to make sure they are doing well academically and socially throughout their degree and to make their voices are heard. If you ever have anything you want to query or suggest, please come to me for a natter or pop me an e-mail. I also want to encourage students to engage with the beautiful North-East region, which I’ve had the pleasure of growing up in. Therefore if you ever want some tips on what you can do out and about, let me know!

Izzy (Vice-President MCR)

Emily (Vice-President CCR)

Hello, I’m Emily, a 2nd year student at Cranmer Hall. I am training for ordained ministry in the Church of England.

I live in college and love getting involved in activities at John’s.

I am the SJCR Vice-President (CCR) this year and am looking forward to working with the other trustees overseeing the governance of the SJCR.

Ben (Treasurer)

I’m Ben, I’m a 4th year Maths student. For the last 2 years, I have been SJCR Services Manager, looking after stash, washing machines and photos for the SJCR. I have also helped with Constitutional Reform Committee and anything else the SJCR has needed me to!

As SJCR Treasurer, my biggest goal is to continue Thomas and Anna’s work on increasing financial transparency, encouraging more members to take an interest in the SJCR’s finances.

If you have any questions for me, please do get in touch!

External Trustees


Susie Curtis has been an external trustee since 2019.  An ordained Anglican Priest, she spent five years as Chaplain at St John’s where she was ably assisted by Millie the Dog!

She has experience in working and managing volunteers, chairing meetings, connecting with local communities, pastoral support, mediation and conflict transformation. At present she is full time mum to two lively toddlers (occasionally she escapes to do some locum vicaring and theological training for the Derby Diocese) and knows far more about trains than she used to!


I was an English undergraduate at John’s from 2013 to 2016 and was involved in the SJCR as Freshers’ Week Coordinator in my final year. Since graduating I worked at a boarding school in Kent before moving to London and taking up my current position working for The Royal Household. In my spare time I am a First Aid volunteer and sing in the London Philharmonic Choir.