No, John’s doesn’t have a swimming pool… but we do have something much better, a pool table! Pool is a fantastic sport for having chilled out evenings and meeting new people, both from John’s and other colleges, and is great for escaping the stress of academic studies. Better yet, the pool table in John’s is completely free to use, with all equipment provided! If you’ve never played before, then don’t worry, because the atmosphere in our college is very welcoming and there are plenty of people who would love to show you how to play. Unfortunately, due to Covid regulations, only livers-in are permitted to enter the JCR right now, so the rest of us will have to be patient. We’re currently seeing whether an exception can be made for livers-out to be able to use the pool table in a limited capacity, so watch this space!

Aside from simply playing pool amongst ourselves for fun, there is a competitive annual pool league where teams from colleges across the university meet for weekly matches. Matches are chilled and casual, with no strict match attire. We currently have 4 teams, with our top two teams playing at the highest level in the Premiership division where competition is fierce. To cool down from the intensity of the matches, at half time we have a ‘beer leg’ – the fastest team to pot all the balls on the table get a pint from the other team! The day on which matches are played depends on each team’s division. For more details see here. Unfortunately once again, Covid rears its ugly head and the league will not be operating in the first term. With luck, we will be able to play out the second half of the league in the second term

List of college captains and president:

President: Luke Johnson-Davies (luke.johnson-davies@durham.ac.uk)

A Team Captain: Matt Williams (matt.e.williams@durham.ac.uk)

B Team Captain: ???

C Team Captains: Tom Grange (thomas.d.grange@durham.ac.uk) and

Daniel Davidson (daniel.davidson@durham.ac.uk)

D Team Captain: ???

Usually teams are decided once the term starts, so this will be updated periodically.

If you wish to be part of a team, or have any other questions, then simply let me know at luke.johnson-davies@durham.ac.uk. Everyone who wishes to can get involved, we can create new teams if necessary!

This is our top team from the 2018/2019 academic year getting ready to play their final match of the year! The room has since received a makeover but the table looks just the same.