MLAX (Mixed Lacrosse)

We’d like to start by making a VERY warm welcome to all the koolest kids that I know would have immediately turned to find this particular segment. 

Are you fun? Do you like low commitment sports? Do you know how to cradle balls at the end of a lengthy shaft? If this sounds like your kind of a Wednesday afternoon, come sign up for mixed lacrosse. We can’t promise the unique kind of certain closeness of the rugby club, the clout that comes with being a rugby boy nor the very transferable skills of cheerleading if you get my gist, however, if you like your boys as much as your girls, we are the club for you!

I know I said low commitment, let me clear this up, one training session and one match a week. However, to do this we need you! Doesn’t matter if this would be your first time on a pitch or you’re a school aficionado who didn’t fancy the certain unique character of the Durham Lax ladies, the more the merrier. 

To join John’s most illustrious sporting endeavours, email either myself at or my co-captain at