Living in John’s

Here are St. John’s living in college is an amazing experience, the community vibe is unique and incomparable to any other at Durham University, the food is fantastic, our sports and societies are in a league of their own, the list continues!

Handy tips for life at John’s

Here are a few things which may have been lost in all the other information which you have been given. 

Things you can’t do but might not have realised
Living in college is like living in a rented house. There are some things which you are not allowed to have, such as: candles or incense, mini fridges (unless you have a medical reason), nails in the walls, or wifi routers (the network will not allow them).

Something broken?
If it is urgent, head to reception an ask the porters for help. Alternatively, if the problem isn’t to urgent then a Blue Slip can be sent to the maintenance team – access the system here

Missing a college meal?
St. John’s is fully catered and so you’ve paid for your three meals a day. If you’re going to miss a meal, you can pick up a packed lunch form from Haughton Hall at any other college meal.

Fill it out and post it through the catering letterbox (ask reception if you can’t find it) before 19:00 the day before you need it.

The heating is turned off for summer
A lot of people miss this and there is an inevitable stream of “my radiator’s broken” maintenance requests. However, don’t be afraid to fill out a blue slip if it really is unsurvivable – the weather can be oh-so unpredictable.

The hot water supply can be affected by the heating being turned off – again, fill out a blue slip if it’s not working properly.

Who do I talk to if… ?
Reception is your first port of call if you’re not sure who you need to talk to. At the very least they can point you towards somebody with a better guess.