Writing a motion

This handbook explains how to write a motion for the SJCR. A motion is an “idea” for something that the SJCR can do, such as changing the size of the Welfare team or tuning the piano in the Bailey Room. Note that motions specifically for buying something are actually a motion for spending. See HANDBOOK 4 – Writing a motion for spending for details on how to do this.

All queries regarding motions should be directed to the SJCR Chair.


  1. A motion needs a Proposer and a Seconder. The Proposer should be you and the Seconder should be somebody else with an interest in the motion.
    • A Seconder may not be a member of the SJCR Executive.
  2. Write your motion. This just needs to be three clauses written as follows:

              THIS SJCR NOTES. . .
    • Factual reasons for bringing the motion forward
    • This can just be a bullet point list
    • Eg. The Bailey Room piano has not been tuned for as long as anybody can remember

    • Thoughts on the motion
    • A piano should be playable, not just for decoration.

    • This is where you write the actual aim of the motion
    • To replace broken keys on the Bailey Room piano
    • To tune the piano annually
  3. If your motion is a policy (eg. a Fair Trade policy) then the last section should read THE SJCR RESOLVES AS A MATTER OF POLICY.
  4. Send your motion to the SJCR Chair at least a week before the meeting you would like it discussed at.
  5. During the meeting (remember your gown) you will be invited to stand up and introduce your motion. Questions will be asked and then a vote will be held (either a general aye or a show of hands).