Writing a motion for spending

A motion for spending petitions the SJCR for money to go towards an item not covered in the college budget, such as curtains for the bar overspill or a college croquet set.

All queries regarding motions for spending should be directed to the SJCR Treasurer.


  1. A motion for spending is similar to a standard motion (see HANDBOOK 3 – Writing a motion) but differs in the third clause of the motion.

    Under THIS SJCR RESOLVES. . . , you should write one of:
    1. To release exactly
    2. To release up to
    3. To release approximately  (‘approximately’ gives you a 25% margin)
  2. Send your motion for spending to the SJCR Treasurer well ahead of the SJCR Meeting that you would like it to be discussed at.
  3. Motions for spending will be discussed by the Finance Committee before the SJCR Meeting. You should attend the meeting to answer questions about your motion. The Finance Committee will vote on the motion and, if passed, it will go on to the SJCR Meeting.
  4. The motion for spending follows the same procedure at an SJCR Meeting as a standard motion.
  5. If your motion is passed, you will likely need to fill out a money request form. See HANDBOOK 5 – Money request forms.