Running for an SJCR Position

This handbook outlines the procedure for SJCR elections for all positions except President.

Queries regarding the election process itself should be directed to the SJCR Chair; queries regarding job descriptions and other information should be directed to the Comms Officer.


  1. Upcoming elections are announced by email as part of the agenda for an upcoming SJCR meeting.
    • If you have an interest in a specific role, ask the SJCR Chair when elections for that role will be held.
  2. Once you have your eye on a position, read the full job description on the SJCR website. If you can’t find it, contact the Comms Ocer. Check that you are happy with the responsibilities that you will have and make sure that you fulfill any criteria that are specified (Liver in/Liver out, male/female etc. . . ).
    • It is usually a good idea to talk to the current holder of the position to get a feel for what will be expected of you.
  3. You will need two people to be your “Proposer” and “Seconder”. Nothing more than having their names on your manifesto will be needed from them unless you will be missing the actual election.
  4. For more major roles, a manifesto will be required. If this is the case, it will be specified when the elections are announced. If in doubt, contact the SJCR Chair. A manifesto is a document explaining why you are suited for the role. It must:
    1. Contain your name and the names of your Proposer and Seconder
    2. For exec positions, there must be a photo of you included
    3. Include the title of the position and the date of election
    4. Not refer to any other candidates
    5. Be checked and signed by one of the Chair, Vice-Chair, President, Treasurer or Comms Officer
    6. Be displayed in the Bailey Room at least twenty-four hours before the election
  5. Attend the SJCR meeting at which the election is being held (make sure to bring your gown). If you can’t make it, send your apologies to the Chair well in advance.
  6. You will be required to give a “hust”. This is a short speech about two minutes long explaining what you will do in the role and why people should vote for you.
    1. For uncontested, non-manifesto positions, a hust is virtually never bothered with. It can still be requested though.
  7. After all candidates for the election have husted, questions will be asked of them by the SJCR. The candidates take it in turns (lead by the Chair) answering first. A question cannot be asked to a specific candidate – it must be applicable to anybody who is and could run for the position. The expression used for this concept is “applicable to RON”, where RON is “reopen nominations”.
  8. There are three different ways that voting can take place, at the discretion of the Chair.
    1. For an uncontested non-manifesto position, the candidate may be voted in on “a general aye”. The candidate will be accepted on the spot unless anybody raises an objection there and then.
    2. For contested positions, the candidates will be asked to leave the room. Voting will be done by a show of hands and the winning candidate is decided.
    3. For major roles (such as exec positions) or in poorly attended SJCR Meetings, voting will be done online. A voting link will be sent out by the Vice-Chair after the meeting and elections will stay open for a period of time (normally a week). The winning candidate will be announced shortly after the voting closes.