Money request forms

You may at some point find yourself spending money on behalf of the SJCR. The SJCR will reimburse you for money that you spend if you fill out a money request form.

All queries regarding money request forms should be directed to the SJCR Treasurer.


  1. Before you spend any money, make sure that what you’re spending is either:
    1. Part of an allocated budget (eg. for a sports team or society)
    2. The direct result of a passed motion for spending (see HANDBOOK 4 – Writing a motion for spending)

      If you are in any doubt, contact the SJCR Treasurer before you spend any money.
  2. Find the money request form on the SJCR website and fill it in, plus attach any relevent receipts to it.
  3. The Treasurer will review your receipts and write out a cheque for you. This will be left in your college pigeon hole and could take a couple of weeks to process.