Here at the Johnny Dodgers, we’re big on ideas involving balls, dodging of balls and sports arising from said dodging of balls. You probably recognise Dodgeball as that sport you play when your P.E. teacher has given up trying to teach the class “real sports”. Now, it may be true that it’s not a real sport but your lazy teacher chose Dodgeball for a reason: everyone loves this game.

Dodgeball is way more fun than other Johns’ Sports. Especially rowing.

Obama, probably

Our weekly sessions are open for anyone and everyone, regardless of skill or experience, or lack thereof. Many of our members start having never touched a dodgeball before but find themselves 360 kickflipping their way across the court in no time.

Ultimately our goal is to make our weekly sessions as fun and accessible as possible. If you have any concerns or questions about the sport, or just fancy a chat, be sure to send me an email on or pop up on Facebook.