John’s Music Society

JMS does exactly what it says on the tin – we are responsible for all the musical events that happen in and around college. Whether you enjoy performing, conducting, technical set up, working behind the scenes, or simply listening to music, JMS is the society to get involved in! We host many events each term, ranging from formal concerts and recitals, to more relaxed open mic nights. There is so much to get involved in, with ensembles rehearsing weekly throughout term, regular performance opportunities and the occasional social to keep things ticking along.

The groups under the JMS umbrella include the Barbershop and Barbieshop singers, SJC Jazz Band, Windband, Clarinet Quartet, SJC Choir, String Ensemble, and 3 Nymphs and 2 Shepherds and a new vocal ensemble dedicated to singing madrigals. There is always space for members to set up new ensembles and the committee will always be more than happy to assist. If you want to get involved in any aspect of JMS then come along to the Freshers’ Fair, where you will be able to sign up to our mailing list and join our Facebook group. We will also host a welcome party in the first few weeks of term, where you can meet everyone and find out more. Everyone is welcome at any JMS event, so please come along to whatever you want to – we’re a friendly bunch!