Week 2 and exciting news!!

Hey guys,

Hope everyone’s had a great week. As it’s the first This Week post, I thought I’d go through the events this term: Bailey Ball (T-3 weeks to go!) which will be held on Friday 9th November and the Christmas Feast on 12th December (details to follow soon).

I hate to keep talking about Bailey Ball but it’s my life and soul at the moment (currently overtaking my degree too) and I apologise in advance to all the livers in that will have to put up with it until Bailey Ball’s over. This week has consisted of meetings in college and finalising the last bits of the entertainment for the night. Not to mention, taking so many deliveries for decorations that my room is turning into the new SEC storage room!

If you haven’t already, please check your emails as final ticket prices and details of payments/table sign up have now gone out. This definitely isn’t an event to miss as it is the event of the year so I look forward to seeing many of you sign up! Please do contact me with any questions if anything is unclear.

Also make sure you add sjc.sec on snapchat for sneak peeks of the theme and to see how the prep is coming along!

That’s all for now, hope you guys have a good week ahead.

Shree xxx