Hi everyone,

Welcome to my first This Week entry as President!! My role is to work for you so if you have any questions or ideas please do email me.

This week a couple of people have asked me what my role consists of so I hope this helps:

  • I lead and support the SJCR (which is an independent charity) deciding long term strategy and arranging projects (such as community outreach) as well as supporting the exec.
  • I work 10 hours a week for college in the alumni office (hours are a 9-5 on Monday and Thursday morning).
  • I’m also involved in university committees and work with the SU and the other Presidents on various projects (right now protests about accommodation fees).
  • To find out more about what I do day to day then follow @johns.president on Instagram.

    This Monday (22nd) is the first SJCR meeting of term in Leech Hall at 7pm – I can’t wait to see you there!

lots of love,