I hope you have had a super week and, if you are just starting at university, you are beginning to settle in and enjoying life in Durham.

As this is my first entry of the year, I thought I would quickly recap what the point of my job is. The main thing I do is attend lots of college meetings; sitting on a large number of committees. This allows me to liaise between you and college staff when necessary. So, if you have a complaint or question, chances are, there’s a committee to which I could take it. I will also occasionally fill in for the President when she is busy and help the exec with their projects too.

There are lots of other miscellaneous jobs that I do, but the main part of my role is to assist with any questions, complaints or suggestions that you might have about the college. With that in mind, feel free to get in touch if you’d like to ask me anything.

Have a really wonderful week,


P.S. I sent an email on Wednesday with lots of important information. I’d really recommend reading it as there will probably be something that applies to you!