Connor’s TW 13/5/18

Test image of some amazing cheerleaders – this has nothing to do with treasurer stuff at all

Hi guys,

This week, as well as trying to keep up to date with the everyday treasurer work (and revision), I have had very productive meetings with both the MCR and CCR treasurers to discuss the financial relationships between the SJCR and its subsidiaries.

I also had a meeting earlier in the week with HSBC regarding our interest in switching our accounts from the Co-op to HSBC and, if everything goes well at the meeting scheduled for the coming week, we should be able to start the switching process very soon.

Treasurer’s Top Tip Number 2: When was the last time you looked at how much you are spending on Direct Debits? Take a look at your bank statements and see if there are any subscriptions, memberships or other reoccuring payments that you can cancel.

That’s all from me,